Wednesday, August 26, 2015

North Fork Skokomish

Wow, it's been nearly a month since I have hiked!  My mother's death has turned my world up-side-down.  I decided to ease back into hiking with a short trip up the North Fork Skokomish.  The river is very low due to drought, but at least the river seems to have a glacier to feed it.  The South Fork does not have a glacier and I suspect that it is even lower now.

On the Lincoln way trail
The blue blue blue
On the home front Patches has a bad limp and will be going to the vet soon.  I wonder how much longer she will be able to hike.  She's my best hiking partner by far.   Unlike some of my other hiking partners over the years, she never double crosses me or tries to hump me, well almost never anyway.  She's always so eager to go and she never pouts about snow or rain, she just gets it done.

I could not bring Patches on this hike with to her limp so I opted to go into the National Park where dogs are not allowed to go anyway.  She was so sad when I left her behind.

Still on the home front,  my spouse is still quite ill but he's alive.  A "friend" of mine rifled through my dead mother's possessions and then proceeded to steal all of her 22 ammo.  This same friend also not only revealed a secret location that he was sworn to secrecy to never share, he went so far as to place a geocache there while still pretending to be my friend..  With friends like that, you don't need enemies.

The blue blue blue

Cushman Falls is low

Forest Fire Haze

River is quite low and green at Beaver Burn

Darlingtonia picture plant with spider web

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Dosewallips Road

A drama free road hike with a friend.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Life and Death Happens

I've been very quiet lately because my mother died on June 26th.  It's been three weeks since she passed away and I still don't want to hike alone.  I'm afraid to spend that much time with just my thoughts.  I know I will turn into a blubbery pile of blubbering just like I did after my uncle died, but only worse because this is my mother.  She was only 67 years old.  I'm in shock.  I did not get the grow up with her because my father ran off with me when I was 4.  Losing me made her start drinking more.  So in a way, my father killed her.

I took my girls up Mount Rose this week, here are some pictures from that hike.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Lake bagging in the swamp

I’m exploring a new to me area that I don’t want to say too much about, because it seems to be free from crowds on the weekdays.    I’m sure that some of my dear readers will recognize this area though.

It was going to be a hot day and I was worried about taking Patches on a logging road hike.  Patches is prone to heat stroke and she has not yet had her summer haircut.  I hoped that there would be enough water along the route to keep her cool.  I missed my starting point because I could not see the old road, but I found a nearby road that connected with the road I wanted to be on.

Patches stuck in mud
I tried to take a short cut through a swamp but soon thought better of that.  The swamp was not very wet but it was filled with vine maple and devil’s club.

To get to the lake I had in mind, I had to cross a creek twice but I did not mind, as getting wet was a good way to stay cool.

When I reached the lake I was happy with what I saw, a nice clean campground with TP and clean outhouses.  People must go there a lot, but we did not see another soul all day long.  The campground is closed for camping and it’s a three mile walk to reach it, but it still had signs up admonishing people to display a pass in their car.  It makes me sad that our infrastructure is all failing while money is spent on overseas wars that enrich US corporations and leave the common person with nothing.

I found a flag hanging in the tree in the campground.

I hung out at the lake taking pictures for quite a while.  I was in no hurry to go back home to the heat.  After I left the campground I explored other access points to the lake.  I discovered a nice shady spot next to the lake with spearmint growing in it.  I sat in the nice shady spot and picked some spearmint.   While I sat, I was bothered by horseflies, black flies and a few mosquitoes.

On the way back to my car I checked out another little lake that I could see on my GPS.  This little lake was wonderful.  The lake had a gravel shore rather than a yucky mucky shore, so I went it.  The temperature of the water was just right; I was able to walk right into the lake.  I stood in lake water up to my neck while Patches swam in circles around me.  It was so much fun to swim with my pup.

At one point Patches or I startled a snake into the lake and later when I was swimming I saw that the snake had gone clear out to the middle of the lake.  I hope the snake made it out okay.  It was a little unnerving to have a snake swimming with me.

At about 5pm I started my hike out in soaking wet clothes.  Thanks to being soaking wet, I did not get to hot.  I did however get very light headed from lack of food and maybe the sunlight was a culprit too.  I am desperately trying to lose weight, so I don’t pack enough food on my hikes.  I really struggle to lose weight at home with the fridge nearby and with always having to cook really fattening foods for  my dying spouse.  If I go hiking far from the fridge, with too little food then I have no choice but to lose weight.

One hike out I found the very rare plant Hemitomes congestum

On the way out I found the road I had meant to start on and I hiked on it until I reached the main road and then I hiked back to my car on the main road.  I will be back to this delightful area.  I really had a good time on this hike.

7.5 miles with 200 feet elevation gain.