Friday, November 21, 2014

Mount Walker by By Bus

I'm so bored with Mount Walker, but it's on the regular bus line (no need to reserve a dial-a-ride) and it's doable all year round and it sees a lot less rain then than most of the places that I hike.  So I keep going back even though it's boring.  It is a pretty good work out.  5.5 mile with 2,100 feet elevation gain from bus stop to bus stop..  This does not count my walk from home and back maybe add another half mile for that.  The actual trail gains 2,000 feet in two miles.

No mushrooms, it's been too dry and the mountain is scoured by a professional picker whom I met today.  I also met a woman named Sally.

The bus dropped me off at 9:30 and I hit the trail head at 9:44 and was on top at 11:37  I thought I was crawling up the hill and wondered why I was so slow, but actually 2 hours up is an okay time for me.

The bus ride home went fast as I had two other hikers to talk to.  Mason transit is funny, people actually talk to each other on Mason Transit buses. Even the bus driver will talk your ears off if you let them.  Riding Mason Transit is a social event.

On the ride up I sewed a pocket onto the inside of my backpack while the diver talked about dogs and driving and stuff.  That pocket has come off a few times but I know I have solved the problem now, it just needed some reinforcement. I might be about ready to make a new backpack with all the knowledge I have gained using my first hand made pack.  But I know that I could always just keep patching it forever and never need a new pack.

My next backpack if I make another one, will have deeper side pockets and maybe some Velcro loops for holding my trekking poles in place.

A bit of sun in Brinnon

Mason Transit at the Brinnon store on the way home

camprobber.. my  on camera flash was set to commander so did not work too well

Carl was found, so I removed the signs at the owner's request.

Lunch at the south look out

View from the north look out
North Lookout.  Patches and my homemade pack

backward facing outhouses near the site of the the old look out building
I found this while wandering off trail
I'll take the $250 fine over 8 months in prison
I think it's time to update the fine..

Quick break at an abandoned car campground on the way back to the bus

Back at the Brinnon store

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mount Rose

Remnant of the original trail that  the Mount Rose trail crew rerouted the trail around.. It did not go anywhere
just back to the new trail, still it was interesting to see and there was an old tin can shoved under a tree there.

7.5 miles 3,500 feet elevation gain

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Rock Pond

Rock Pond
I had kind of a rough time today. I went to a lake I have never been to and I did not find that trail but that was okay because I had an outlet stream to follow, so no worries there.   Surprisingly the lake was not at all frozen, I think it is spring fed.

But after I had been at the lake for awhile I reached for my GPS(r) and it was not there in my pack pocket. I knew I had lost it while brush crashing and following my exact route out of there was not going to be easy.  If I had been hiking on a trail it would have been an easy thing to back track and find my GPS. 

I went back to the brush and searched and searched for it for about an hour  I kept trying to follow my same route but then I saw some red ribbons and I knew I was off my route.  I had not seen those red ribbons on the way in.  The terrain was a little rough, but I scoured the hillside for about an hour and then gave up.  I went ahead  and walked around the lake like I had planned on doing and then went back to the outlet and had tea.  I was not happy but I did not let it stop me from hiking around the lake or having tea.
Frozen mushrooms at the inlet of the lake
 I could see the trail out and when it was time to go I really wanted to follow it but I decided to once again try to replicate my brush crashing route to get out of there in hopes of finding my GPS(r) I followed my mental landmarks to know where I had been. My landmarks were mushrooms and those damn red ribbons I lost my landmarks again near the red ribbons but then on about my 5th try I saw a conk that I recognized so I knew I was back on my original route. 

Then 15 feet from the conk I saw something that told me I was on the same route without a doubt. It was a piece of orange duct tape, the tape was attached to a lanyard and the lanyard was attached to my GPS(r) . I kissed it more passionately then I have probably ever kissed a lover. I was so happy to have my GPS back (I've never lost it before) with my GPS back I went back to the lake and followed the trail out.
Decommissioned road

The road was decommissioned about 1/4 of a mile from the trail to the lake but it was not torn up too bad and there was a path left open that was free of logs.  If all decommissioned roads were this nice for hiking I would not complain about them quite so much.

2 miles with 800 feet elevation gain.  It should have been just 150 feet, looking for my GPS added a lot of ups and downs to this hike.

Lake pano with strange perspective

Friday, November 14, 2014

Exploring Vigilante Trails on the Peninsula

I spent the day exploring vigilante trails.  I don't want to reveal where these trails are, so I won't say too much about them here.  It's great fun to have new trails to hike though!  Especially trails that not too many people know about.  I detest hiking in crowds.

When I run into people on the trail it really alters my experience.  Sometimes it's okay, but often I catch myself running my conversation with them through my head over and over and then I lose touch with nature.

  If I can hike all day without seeing another person I can slip my cultural collar a bit. The mountains soothe me, society riles me.  I have PTSD, hiking alone with my dog is my therapy.

 Sometimes I hike with men but issues always come up, most of them unspoken.   Many men think they have to be a know it all and they have to do all the talking.  I tolerate that during a hike, but I secretly wish was hiking alone or hiking with a woman.   I feel sorry for men who think they are expected to know everything, sexism hurts everyone.

I don't hate men, but I enjoy the freedom of not having one around when I am hiking.  I had a man that I really enjoyed hiking with for a while, he was polite and kind and gentle. I felt so safe when I was with him, I even loved him.   But that ended when he started  expecting sex and then getting upset and feeling entitled when that did not happen.  Then he started getting jealous of another men I hiked with while he hiked with other women all the time.  He started sending me angry emails in the wee hours of the morning accusing me of all sorts of things.   WTF?  Dude, you don't own me.

There is another man that I hike with from time to time.  He has never hit on me and has never given any indication that he will ever start hitting on me.  Hopefully he will never start hitting on me.  I don't hike with him very often because I fear that he will take it as a sign that I want more than a hiking partner.

It's starting to get cold, but the weather is nice and dry so I was able to stop and stay warm with my down jacket on. In the rain I don't dare bring my down and am stuck with two bulky fleece layers that are not as warm as my one down jacket.

I had my lunch at noon. My lunch was a hot meal and a hot tea.  I've got a lot of backpacking food left over that I had prepared for the PCT but never got to use, so I will be eating a lot of hot lunches on the trail this winter.  After lunch I explored for as long as I could.  I did not really want to hike in the dark, so I turned back at about 2:30.

This hike wiped me out so I had to take a second tea break on the way back even though I knew it meant I would probably be hiking out in the dark.  But I was fast, I made it out in record time.  It helped that I was not hunting mushrooms.  I saw some Matsutake but I did not pick it since I already have a ton of it from my last trip to the Kitsap Peninsula.


Monday, November 10, 2014

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